> I posted code and results a while back to freebsd-arch which sampled the
> sound card from userland and analysed the shannon entropy of the noise
> (for the record, all but one card I tried gave about 6 bits of entropy or
> more per 16 bit sample with no recording device plugged in, and maximum
> input gain, and could be sampled 44000 times per second or more. The other
> card driver was probably broken). Thats what I'm basing this on, but I
> haven't tried to make a kernel harvester.

Ok! Have you still got that code? Please either send it to me (personally)
or send a reference. Some ideas about how to use [this type of source]
in FreeBSD are also usefulp; It's easy to "steal" a sound card; to use a
sound card as an entropy source is more of a problem; ideas welcome.

Mark Murray
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