In upgrading my system I've bought a shiny new SMP mobo to go with my new
30gb Deskstar...  The nice thing about this new board is my HighPoint
HPT366 based IDE controller works now (Buggy Phoenix BIOSes prevented it
from working before).  Perhaps in a rush to get started, I've compiled and
been using a SMP kernel even before the second processor arrives.  This
has worked fine, however I've gotten some rather weird hangs and crashes
resulting in a nice lost+found directory on the usr fs.  In trying to
track this down, I've tried a UP kernel which seems to not have crashed
where the SMP one did before..  I'm sure it's not a cooling issue as the
sole CPU is staying below 35C.

However I'm curious:

* Are there any known issues with SMP and softupdates as of late?
* Is running one processor with an SMP kernel such a horrible idea (other
than performance wise)?

I'm glad I can run my harddrives (Caviar and Deskstar) at ATA66 speeds..
but having to tread lightly is sucking.

- alex

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