Brad Knowles wrote:
> At 7:36 PM +0000 2000/8/28, Alex Zepeda wrote:
> >                         Perhaps in a rush to get started, I've compiled and
> >  been using a SMP kernel even before the second processor arrives.  This
> >  has worked fine, however I've gotten some rather weird hangs and crashes
> >  resulting in a nice lost+found directory on the usr fs.
>       Personally, I'm astonished that an SMP kernel will actually boot 
> and run on a uniprocessor machine.

Well, it does work.  Right now if we enable multiple CPU's with SMPng the
machine instantly panics, so we use a sysctl that keeps all the extra
processors waiting until we are ready to kill the machine.  Until that
point in time, however, the machine runs happily on 1 cpu, and can build
world ok, etc.


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