In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Brooks Davis writes:
: > Which begs the question: when should the hints file be updated?
: When you add new devices which require hints to work.  Since GENERIC.hints
: covers the defaults for most of those devices and I don't see too many
: new isa drivers going in to the kernel I think that roughly translates to
: "never" on modern system and "rarely" on strange systems made of scavenged
: parts.  Heck, on most legacy free systems, it really does translate
: to never because you can't add anything that would effect drivers that
: need hints (device wiring being the only exception I can think of there).

Yes.  Usually you can just copy GENERIC.hints and forget it.  However,
if you traffic in older hardware in non-plug and play mode, you'll
have to cope with updating/creating/modifying a device.hints file.  As
this hardware becomes rarer, you'll have to deal less and less.

Note, however, that until the isapnpbios code is corrected to probe in
the right order (before all other isa devices rather than after like
it does now with the isapnp hardware) you'll need hints on even the
most modern machines.  The snippet that I posted earlier was one that
seemed to work on my vaio.

I believe there's work on a userconfig in boot-loader in the works as
well, which is a large part of the motivation here.


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