Chris Hedley writes:
> On Mon, 4 Sep 2000, Brandon Hume wrote:
> > Just after the "waiting for SCSI devices to settle" message, I'll get a 
> > number of SCB errors (which I don't have written down, unfortunately), and
> > then eventually a panic.  This is with ACPI enabled... if I don't enable
> > ACPI, it will proceed immediately to the panic.
> Sounds similar to what I'm getting; after a boot I get a load of the
> following:

I'll add a third to that. The SCB errors don't seem to depend on ACPI;
they didn't happen on the update on Sept 1, but did on Sept 2.

> Similar config to yours; a Tyan Thunder SMP BX with an onboard 7895
> controller.  I started getting this after my 29th Aug update, although
> this was a few days since the last working version I compiled (dmesg says
> the 24th so, er, I guess that's when it was)

Not quite the same. I've got a SuperMicro SMP Xeon system with an
onboard 7890.


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