Could all this be in any way related to the statclock not working on
certain systems (like my Dell Inspiron)?? Also, could the "rtc" device as
listed in systat -vm not being there (I'm assuming this is the
statclock) be causing scheduling anomalies? I ask because I am trying to
get gaim (multi-threaded, and using gtk which is threaded as well) to work
on my laptop. It works on my desktop (-CURRENT), and on my friend's
desktop (-STABLE) but not on my laptop (-STABLE). Just
wondering... Thanks.

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On Fri, 8 Sep 2000, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:

> In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Mike Smith writes:
> >> > Sep  7 14:35:55 laptop /kernel: microuptime() went backwards (10412.355980 -> 
>10412, -694583121)y
> >> >
> >> > this is bad.. right ? :-)
> >> 
> >> Well, at any rate it looks very funny.  If this is a laptop, try
> >> building a kernel without apm and see if that helps.
> >
> >It only helps "hide" the problem.  There's either *extremely* bogus data 
> >coming in, or an arithmetic or sequencing error that's allowing a corrupt 
> >timecounter to be seen.
> >
> >It might help to see the negative number as hex...
> I have collected all the emails I've received and I have identified
> at least two different causes:
> There is a bogus i8254 implementation on certain Athlon Mobos, this
> is a non-brainer since they should not use the i8254 but the TSC.
> There are negative numbers coming in from both the i8254 and in a
> few cases from the TSC.  NTIMECOUNTER may be too low for certain
> systems, I'm still waiting for some feedback on that.
> Either way, I have a patch which I need to burn in in my lab, but
> right now I have a hard time getting my SMP box to even print out
> "Copyright..." when it boots :-(
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