On Thu, 7 Sep 2000, John Baldwin wrote:

> Most definitely an SMPng issue.  If you take a SMP machine and compile a UP
> and an SMP kernel on it, the SMP kernel will boot fine, whereas the UP kernel
> will generate these warnings.

        not quite, I have an SMP box that I got these warnings on, spent
the better part of the day trying to reproduce them (after the machine
became unresponsive last night)

        the machine is a N440BX Night (Intel) motherboard, with two PII
333's. the board has everything onboard except the disks. the only change
besides building an SMPng kernel was to take out COMPAT_OLDPCI.

        If I can find out more for you I will, however I'm leaving for
vacation at 7:30 AM tomorrow morning.



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