On Fri 2000-09-08 (15:19), John Toon wrote:
> > I have a plan to revamp the way that the startup process's output is
> > presented and stored for later viewing.  I need to chat to some folks
> > first about the best way to do this, first.  Be patient, and look
> > forward to something interesting in 5.0-RELEASE. :-)
> On that subject, can you give me a rough projection as to when
> 5.0-RELEASE is likely to arrive?

FreeBSD 2.2.1           1997-04-xx [FBD]
FreeBSD 3.0             1998-10-16 [FBD]
FreeBSD 4.0             2000-03-13 [FBD]

So we're talking 2001-07 to 2001-11, at a wild guess.  We have lots of
new developments, but also a much more streamlined system.  It's
anyone's guess when it'll be deemed stable and complete enough to roll.

(and please don't quote me, since this is only my guess)

Neil Blakey-Milner
Sunesi Clinical Systems

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