> > On that subject, can you give me a rough projection as to when
> > 5.0-RELEASE is likely to arrive?
> FreeBSD 2.2.1           1997-04-xx [FBD]
> FreeBSD 3.0             1998-10-16 [FBD]
> FreeBSD 4.0             2000-03-13 [FBD]

You forgot FreeBSD 4.1, 2000-07-27 (www.freebsd.org/releases).  This
makes FreeBSD 4.2 scheduled for 2000-11-xx since we do a release every
4 months (not that anyone asked about 4.2 in this thread, but I saw
some other speculation about it which I'll conveniently answer in this

I'm also not sure where the rumors about a FreeBSD 4.1.5 got started
since I'd certainly never planned on such a thing, that, I think,
being more the product of wishful thinking on certain security-minded
people's behalf after RSA released their code. :-)
That said, it's something I'm still contemplating.  I need to see what
merge-in-progress work is currently underway or certainly people will
complain that 4.1.5 should have waited for their own wishlist items
rather than being slaved solely to the RSA release event.

As to FreeBSD 5.0, I think you can count on that being a mid-summer
item for 2001 and certainly not any sooner.  There's a lot of work
which still needs to be done before we'll be ready for anything like
5.0, given the extent of the SMPng changes planned for that release.

- Jordan

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