At 11:59 AM 9/9/2000 -0400, Robert Watson wrote:

>On Fri, 8 Sep 2000, John Baldwin wrote:
>> Ok, an update on the dirty buffers on reboot:
>> If you use the reboot command, you will get dirty buffers.  If you use
>> 'shutdown -r now' instead, you won't get dirty buffers.  Thus, as a
>> workaround for now, use the shutdown command to reboot your box until we
>> can track this down. 
>Um.  Nope. :-)  I only use shutdown -r  now, and I still get dirty

I too only use "shutdown -r now" and still get dirty buffers.
Tor Egge posted a patch and with the patch to kern_shutdown.c 
I no longer have the problem.
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