On Sun, 10 Sep 2000, John Baldwin wrote:

> Hmmmm.  At least on the x86, curproc is now set to proc0 before we probe
> to see how much memory we have in init386().  In fact, we set curproc up
> right after setting up the GDT, and before both the ldt and idt, so at least
> on x86, we won't get a trap with curproc == NULL. :)  On the alpha I'm not
> as sure.  Hmm, after looking, we set curproc in alpha_init(), but we do
> it much later on.  I'm not sure if we have enabled interrupts at that point
> or not.

Interrupts are certainly not enabled in alpha_init() - this is the
earliest part of the alpha boot sequence. After alpha_init() returns, we
switch to using proc0's stack for the first time (alpha_init() runs on the
bootstrap stack) and call mi_startup() to get the rest of the kernel

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