Bosko Milekic wrote:

>    I catch this page fault (described in topic) following an:
>    `ifconfig de0 down'
>    Unfortunately, I don't have much more information to provide for now.
>    I'm in the middle of debugging something else. More info can be provided
>    on request (let me know if you want to look at it and cannot reproduce
>    it). Sources of last friday (evening).

ifconfig(8) is what does it for me too.  It's ifconfig(8) at boot time
though, so I'm not sure exactly what arguments it has or what it's doing
at the time.

Mike wrote:

>> Isn't a stray IRQ a hardware glitch? If so, I'd say that logging it
>> and then ignoring it would be the right thing.

If people think so then I'll improve my patch a bit to do this.  I
agree, unless there's a better way to fix the problem.

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