Ben Smithurst wrote:
> Bruce Evans wrote:
> > On Sat, 9 Sep 2000, Ben Smithurst wrote:
> > 
> >> After poking around a bit with remote GDB, this seems to be caused by a
> >> stray IRQ 7, since irq == 7, ir == ithds[irq] == NULL, ir->foo == BOOM.
> >> 
> >> The attached rather crude patch has "fixed" the problem for now, but
> >> does anyone have any suggestions for a real fix?
> > 
> > The stray interrupt handler needs to have a thread, or stray interrupts
> > need to be handled as traps.  Stray interrupts are more like NMIs than
> > normal interrupts, and NMIs are already (mis)handled as traps.
> OK, but would you or anyone else object to the attached patch as a
> temporary fix, at least?  Page-faulting almost immediately is not
> particularly good.  The patch doesn't seem to have had any negative
> effects so far.
> Who are the main people responsible for the SMPng stuff anyway? jasone
> and jhb seem to have been involved a bit, so I cc'd them as well.

This looks good to me, let me through it my tree here and try it out.
For SMPng stuff, probably just sending to the smp@ list should be


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