On 14-Sep-00 at 05:37, Poul-Henning Kamp ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> >You think adding a hack to every program to support "-" to mean
> >stdout/stdin is better?
> The majority of these programs could be handled by adding knowledge
> of "-" as a magic filename to fopen(3).
> At the same time I would really love if we implemented "|.*" to mean
> "do an popen(3)" instead.

Isn't that potentially a huge security hole in every program that
gets a filename from an external source?

> But of course, this is bikeshed material...
> >> If anything I would propose we ditch it...
> >
> >And break loads of scripts at the same time?
> I would argue that the programs and the scripts that call them are
> already broken, but hey...

And I would argue that the fdescfs is cleaner than the '-' hack.
(Which, by the way, should not be considered a filename hack so
much as a command-line-parameter hack; since it was invented before
there was a way to say 'use stdin/stdout' on the command-line...
You could think of '/dev/stdin' as "'-' version 2")


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