> Can the configuration for bootup and initial installation be configured to 
> detect (and configure) a serial console.  This would be very useful for 

The current installation "detects" serial console situations if you
have a BIOS capable of properly instructing the loader about this or
if you explicitly boot with -P at the first-stage loader.  After that,
sysinstall should properly fail to open /dev/ttyv0 and trundle on
using the serial console instead of a graphics card.

My question is simply what you mean by "configure" in this context.
You want it to write an /etc/ttys entry out for a specific serial
device?  I suppose we could also just turn the console entry on as a
wimp-out in such scenarios and get away with it.

That's assuming, of course, I am clear on what you mean.

- Jordan

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