On 20-Sep-00 Alfred Perlstein wrote:
> * Forrest Aldrich <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [000920 12:46] wrote:
>> Can the configuration for bootup and initial installation be configured to 
>> detect (and configure) a serial console.  This would be very useful for 
>> rackmount systems.  Yes, I know it can be done manually after the 
>> installation is completed with a monitor; but this would save some time.
>> If I'm missing something obvious, please let me know.  I just tested it 
>> with a 2u system, booted up with a serial console, and it wasn't detected.
> If you boot without a keyboard attached and make sure you're using
> "Com1" then it should work.

No, it doesn't. :(  The probe keyboard option is off in both -stable
and -current due to all the broken K7 motherboards running around
whose keyboards weren't being recognized.  If we can get some better
keyboard probing code in boot2, then we can reactivate the option.
However, before installing, you can mount the kernel floppy, and type
'echo -P > /mnt/boot.config' and then unmount the floppy and boot
from the floppies to get the old behavior.

> -Alfred


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