Does anybody have a file for indent(1) that enforces KNF style as
specified in style(9)?

I have newbusified Initio's driver for their INIC-941, INIC-951 and
INI-9XXXU/UW SCSI adapters (just testing it with a make world) and now I'm
trying to bring it into form for inclusion in the FreeBSD sources. The
original style of the sources as supplied by Initio is simply horrible. Fixing
it all up by hand will take days if not weeks so I'm trying to find an easier

By the way, if anybody is interested in testing the driver, send me an
e-mail. I'm testing under -current with a INI-9100UW. I'll send a separate
call for review to freebsd-scsi when the sources are cleaned up.

Blaz Zupan,  Medinet d.o.o, Linhartova 21, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia
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