In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Blaz Zupan 
: original style of the sources as supplied by Initio is simply
: horrible. Fixing it all up by hand will take days if not weeks so
: I'm trying to find an easier way.

I believe that indent cannot create style(9) output.  You can get real 
close with emacs + cc-mode + 'bsd coding style.

  (c-set-style "bsd")
  (setq c-basic-offset 8
        c-conditional-key c-C++-conditional-key
        indent-tabs-mode t
        c-tab-always-indent nil)
  (setq c-cleanup-list (append c-cleanup-list (list 'brace-else-brace)))
  (c-set-offset 'arglist-close 0)
  (c-set-offset 'arglist-cont-nonempty 4)
  (c-set-offset 'inline-open 0)
  (c-set-offset 'case-label 0)
  (c-set-offset 'statement-cont 4)
  (c-toggle-auto-state 1)

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