After installing the majordomo port I get the following message:

May 31 04:04:26 n669 sendmail[66642]: EAA66641: SYSERR(root): hash 
"Alias1": missing map file /usr/local/majordomo/aliases.majordomo.db: No such file or 
directory a newaliases begets this:
freebsd:/etc# newaliases
/etc/aliases: 41 aliases, longest 56 bytes, 784 bytes total
hash map "Alias1": unsafe map file
/usr/local/majordomo/aliases.majordomo.db: Permission denied WARNING: cannot open 
alias database /usr/local/majordomo/aliases.majordomo Cannot create database for alias 
file /usr/local/majordomo/aliases.majordomo
But, believe you me, the /usr/local/majordomo/aliases.majordomo *is*
present, and I am running as root.


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