On Thu, Sep 28, 2000 at 12:38:40AM -0700, Julian Elischer wrote:

> I am not sure about Luigi's bridging code. I know the dummynet stuff
> seems to connect with the ipfw code but I don't think that the 
> bridge code does... (I may be wrong) So I don't know how you plan on
> filtering the bridged segments..

You are wrong, but we'll forgive you. :->

from bridge(4):


     Set to 1 to enable ipfw filtering on bridged packets.  Note that ipfw
     rules only apply to IP packets.

from ipfw(8):

     Each incoming or outgoing packet is passed through the ipfw rules.  If
     host is acting as a gateway, packets forwarded by the gateway are pro-
     cessed by ipfw twice.  In case a host is acting as a bridge, packets for-
     warded by the bridge are processed by ipfw once.

the 'bridged' keyword can be used to match only bridged packets, so:

        ipfw add allow tcp from any to any 22 setup bridged
        ipfw add allow tcp from any 22 to any established bridged

would allow ssh over a bridge, but in the absence of other rules, wouldn't
allow it to the actual machine (or if the machine is also a router(?!) it
wouldn't route ssh sessions either.)

Bill Fumerola - Network Architect, BOFH / Chimes, Inc.

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