Alexander Langer writes:
> Thus spake Mike Meyer ([EMAIL PROTECTED]):
> > Does it possibly belong in /etc/defaults/rc.devfs, to slurp in
> > /etc/rc.devfs (if it exists) at the end?
> No - instead we should add something like devfs_permission{0,1,2,etc}
> (and maybe ownership) to rc.conf, which can be modified there and
> then rc.devfs sets them - similar to the ifconfig stuff.
> Opinions?

Well, I like your idea better than mine (though device_chmods="first
second etc" then chmod_first, chmod_second, chmod_etc would be better
names), but meant to ask - is there some reason that /etc/fbtab can't
be used for this? Possibly with some beefing up (/etc/defaults, for

Of course, it needs to handle symlinks. I'd rather fix the symlink for
/dev/scanner than reconfigure sane when I add a new device. Possibly
device_links, or more work on fbtab?


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