Thus spake Poul-Henning Kamp ([EMAIL PROTECTED]):

> You guys are overlooking something about DEVFS: devices may appear
> post-boot.

Ah, yes.

BTW: Devices don't disappear if you unload devices.
This happens for example with bktr.ko.
When I then reload bktr.ko, I get the following:

WARNING: Driver mistake: repeat make_dev("bktr0")
WARNING: Driver mistake: repeat make_dev("tuner0")
WARNING: Driver mistake: repeat make_dev("vbi0")

> We need a generic "devd" which finds out that devices have appeared,
> set their perms (if needed/wanted) and executes any commands needed
> (getty, mount, etc etc) by the device.

Hmm.  A technical question: How would the devd be notifed about an
event in the devfs?
Does it open a (new) device as for example the usbd does, or how would
you solve that?


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