<<On Sat, 07 Oct 2000 07:59:08 -0700, Dennis Glatting 

> Any running load information on the CVS servers available?

I keep stats for cvsup3 (thanks to cricket and ucd-snmp).  cvsup3
peaks out in the early morning with a five-minute load between 12 and
17.  Rarely does the load average get below 2.  Cvsup3's swap
utilization hovers around 200 MB most of the day, and exceeds 300 MB
during that peak.  For all that, it's still only pushing about 4
Mbit/s peak -- or about an eighth what rpmfind.net does six
floor-tiles away.

I was hoping to replace it this year, but the money got pushed out of
the budget.  (Run machines into the ground, we do!  I still maintain
some services running on a seven-year-old Sparc IPX.)

If anyone has half a gig of memory (4 x 128M or 8 x 64M) for an Intel
BB440FX and would like a tax deduction....


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