if somebody knows the doodads and pitfalls in linux cvs in conjuction
with cvsupd and is able to tell me what goes wrong, i could get the
cvsupd on filepile running. at the moment i got a somewhat borken
repository which might come from the linux ccvs. i do not know very much
about cvsup's interoperation with cvs but apparently something goes
really wrong on that box :-/ if we could get that box running we would
have a high volume euro cvsup repo in place. (at the moment the box runs
at about 30 to 50mbit/s 24x7 with peaks at 17:00 local time with less
that 10% cpu consumption and a load far below 1, normally around 0.30)

no flames please, this box is running on linux due to driver support for
the hardware no more no less.


Garrett Wollman([EMAIL PROTECTED])@Sat, Oct 07, 2000 at 01:36:43PM -0400:
> <<On Sat, 07 Oct 2000 07:59:08 -0700, Dennis Glatting 
> > Any running load information on the CVS servers available?
> I keep stats for cvsup3 (thanks to cricket and ucd-snmp).  cvsup3
> peaks out in the early morning with a five-minute load between 12 and
> 17.  Rarely does the load average get below 2.  Cvsup3's swap
> utilization hovers around 200 MB most of the day, and exceeds 300 MB
> during that peak.  For all that, it's still only pushing about 4
> Mbit/s peak -- or about an eighth what rpmfind.net does six
> floor-tiles away.
> I was hoping to replace it this year, but the money got pushed out of
> the budget.  (Run machines into the ground, we do!  I still maintain
> some services running on a seven-year-old Sparc IPX.)
> If anyone has half a gig of memory (4 x 128M or 8 x 64M) for an Intel
> BB440FX and would like a tax deduction....
> -GAWollman
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