On 12-Oct-00 Bob Bishop wrote:
> Hi,
> At 11:42 -0700 11/10/00, John Baldwin wrote:
>>On 10-Oct-00 Bob Bishop wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> What's happened recently to make -current so slow?
>>> [etc]
>>I don't know.  Can you try to narrow down the date by cvsupping or
>>cvs updating with date tags to see when it started slowing down?
> More data: it's networking that's doing it, not NFS per se. I'm doing a
> build with local sources on one of the affected boxes, on first impression
> looks like that is up to speed.
> Both my affected boxes have ed NICs, I'll see if I can scare up a different
> card to try in case it's the ed driver. Watch this space...

It's not.  My current box that is having problems has an fxp0 card.
BTW, what speed is your processor?  I'm curious because the PPro 200
I have here is having problems, but the PIII-700 isn't very affected.


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