On Mon, 16 Oct 2000, Szilveszter Adam wrote:
> Also, since 2.96 has not even been released yet, I assume the
> maintainer (bruce, AFAIK) just makes sure that it builds and compiles
> stuff OK and so by the time 5.0 will be released and hopefully 2.96
> too, we just have to push the button and it will be there.

I can assert, with utmost authority ;-), that GCC 2.96 will never be
released by the GCC team.

See <http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-announce/2000/msg00003.html>.

> I think this very careful approach on the part of the maintainer(s)
> makes sure that gcc (and binutils and libc) upgrades are so painless
> on FreeBSD, while they can be a significant PITA on Linux because of
> possible incompatibilities.

Upgrades are not painless at all on FreeBSD, because of some additional
hacks you/we are using. See the following two PRs for examples that cost
me quite some time each (and are still open):


If the first PR is not resolved in time for the GCC 3.0 release process
(which is not that far ahead), FreeBSD might even be dropped from the list
of secondary evaluation platforms for GCC 3.0. :-(

In any case, the bug does prevent regular GCC developers and testers from
using FreeBSD -- not a good thing, either! :-(

On the other hand, lately David O'Brien has submitted several patches for
the FreeBSD ports to GCC, most (all?) of which have been reviewed and
integrated quickly, so there is a good chance that the difference between
the FreeBSD version of GCC and FSF GCC will be further reduced. :-)

Should any of you have some time to spend, those two PRs I mentioned above
are really critical. <hint><hint> <g>

Gerald "Jerry" [EMAIL PROTECTED] http://www.dbai.tuwien.ac.at/~pfeifer/

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