On Thu, Oct 19, 2000 at 05:17:38PM +0000, Terry Lambert scribbled:
| > * Moving to message catalogue style error messages for the kernel and
| >   userland.  (AIX style)  Each time the system outputs an error
| >   either from the kernel or userland, the error message is a
| >   formatted alphanumerica string mapped to verbose error messages.
| >   The error messages can be mapped to various languages.
| >   The advantages are :
| >     A. Easy bug reporting by users. (e.g. "I have error 2398423")
| >     B. I18N error messages
| >
| >   The main disadvantage is that it will be a long term work
| >   to maintain it and to keep error messages updated.
| I have a tool which uses a macro preprocessor and macros to do
| the majority of this work.  It extracts messages from programs
| which have macro wrapped their I/O strings, and can automatically
| create XPG/4 message catalogs from them.
| I wrote this tool on my own time, but it has additions for

| I can provide a version with the Whistle stuff ripped out in a
| week or so, if that's considered desirable, but would prefer to
| leave the code alone.  Doing it this way will have a latency in

Please send me the code. :) We would to have as much as possible.

| Let me know if there is any interest in the pre/post-processor
| code.

Yes, I would be interested and wish to see it. :)

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