> jhay> For now I just went back to an older kernel that works for me.
> Would you please explain "an older kernel" ? I'm using a kernel as of
> Sep/30/2000 and it panics.
> ***
> Note that this (Sep/30/2000) kernel doesn't panic until Oct/13/2000.
> Between Oct/14/2000 and Oct/17/2000, "make release" was failed at
> buildworld. Oct/18/2000, panic. Oct/19/2000, also panic.

It looks like I spoke too soon. My 2000-10-05 kernel that previously
worked also now panics. It must be somewhere when the floppies are
made. On the serial console I see:

Oct 21 04:44:49 beast /boot/kernel/kernel: /mnt: optimization changed from SPACE to 
/mnt: bad dir ino 2 at offset 0: mangled entry
panic: ufs_dirbad: bad dir
cpuid = 0; lapic.id = 01000000
boot() called on cpu#0

Does the mangled entry on /mnt mean there is something wrong in the /mnt
filesystem? That would be the floppy image.

Also it does not reboot after the panic. It just get stuck after printing 
a lot of "microuptime() went backwards (28431.4508250 -> 28431.2820885)"


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