matusita> When I backout this change, the problem seems disappeared...

This is sample shell script to reproduce recent kernel hungup:

dd of=/tmp/image if=/dev/zero count=1440 bs=1k
awk 'BEGIN {printf "%c%c", 85, 170}' | \
    dd of=/tmp/image obs=1 seek=510 conv=notrunc
vnconfig -s labels -c /dev/rvn0 /tmp/image
disklabel -Brw /dev/rvn0 fd1440
newfs -i 80000 -T fd1440 -o space /dev/rvn0c
mount /dev/vn0c /mnt
cp /etc/rc /mnt
umount /mnt
vnconfig -u /dev/rvn0
exit 0

If you are running recent (at least Sep/30/2000) -current kernel, and
your newfs(8) is newer mkfs.c (rev 1.30) it will hungup as soon as
cp(1) is invoked.

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