On Sat, 21 Oct 2000, Blaz Zupan wrote:
> Just tried installing "ohphone" under FreeBSD-current. "ohphone" is a H323
> compatible phone that can be used for Voice over IP, it's available in the
> FreeBSD ports collection. Just starting the application produces the message
> "User signal 2". That's it, nothing else, whatever option you supply. Copying
> libc_r.so.4 from a 4.1.1 machine to the -current machine makes ohphone work.
> Starting it under gdb I see that it receives a SIGUSR2, for whatever reason
> does not catch it and fails. Why would an application suddenly receive a
> SIGUSR2 when it wasn't receiving that signal with the 4.1.1 libc_r?

It could be using pthread_kill(tid, SIGUSR2) to send the signal to a
thread.  If there is no signal handler installed for SIGUSR2, and if the
action for the signal is SIG_DFL, then POSIX dictates that pthread_kill() 
also send the signal to the process.  Before the changes I made last week,
our threads library failed to do this.

If this is the problem, then the fix would be to install a signal handler
for SIGUSR2.  I'm not sure why ohphone wouldn't have similar problems on
other platforms, though.

Dan Eischen

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