I just upgrade one of my server to -current. that server connect to ADSL
and act as a gateway.

however, after I upgrade that server to -current, all other clients
(all windows 98) start acting really strange. clients was unable to 
connect to more then 60% of web sites. for example, clients can not 
connect to www.yahoo.com (stucked). but can connect to
www.infoseek.com. Clients can login to ftp.aarnet.edu.au but cant do "ls
-la" or get (will stucked). Clients can pop receive mail from outside mail
server, if and only if mail are in very small size. otherwise it will
"stucked" too.

This problem was also exist with the server, but after I add "search
xx.xx.xx" into resolv.conf, the server then works totaly fine after
that. therefor, i try to add the domain name suffix in those windows 98
machine. still doesnt help.

sorry about my poor way to explain this problem. but it is just too weir..
dont konw how to explain it :P

PLEASE HELP !!!! thx in advance!

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