Brian Smith writes:
> >>Are you aware of any efforts to add PPP over ATM or Netgraph 
> >>support to the current ATM code?
> >
> >I'm not aware of any activity in the ATM code at all...
> Ok, well if I were to netgraphify the ATM code, would mpd be sufficient
> to get PPP over ATM working?  (I have a lot of reading up to do, but

Mpd can do PPP over any netgraph hook, so unless there's some particular
weirdness to the framing of PPP frames over ATM, it should more or less
just work... Quoting from ng_ppp(4):

    These device-independent hooks transmit and receive full PPP
    frames, which include the PPP protocol, address, control, and
    information fields, but no checksum or other link-specific fields.


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