> > > Other candidates I've been pointed to include the removal of
> > > /boot/boot[12] and NFS
> > IMO NFS needs to stay.  It is *very* useful to many (including me).
> I vote for 'remove NFS away'.
> Yes, there are many people using NFS install, but it is site-specific.
> There are no services distributing FreeBSD via NFS in public.
> In such site-specific situation,
> you can make your *specific* floppies with NFS and without INET6 or some.

IPv6 is site specific, but it has been important since April
24th of this year to support IPv6, since that was the date
that Cisco released code to support it in all their supported
routers.  But right now, we all know that widescale acceptance
of IPv6 is going to have to come in at the client level, with
Microsoft driving the deployment process.

It wouldn't hurt if someone were to build a highly efficient
NAT box for IPv6<->IPv4, so that once Microsoft CDROMs could be
pressed by AT&T @HOME or some other severable network provider,
that IPv6 deployment could go forward a large chunk of the net
at a time, instead of being an all-or-nothing crash-fest.  Take
this as a hint to the IPv6 advocates in the audience that they
need to do something.

NFS is also important.  NFS is hard to load as a driver, and
keep the LEASE code working.  NFSv4 is looming on the horizon,
and it appears to finally fix locking, for once and for all,
for non-coelescing clients, as well as for stacking VFS layers
including an NFS VFS somewhere in the stack.  There is some
possibility that it will actually be useful to Windows systems.

I think it's time to look at supporting "drivers" floppies,
and the pain in having no floppies is certainly incentive for
someone to do the work, should that become stated policy of
the project to support most things through driver floppies
that are loaded post-boot.

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