>     This would be trivial, you can use the swap allocation code (example:
>     see the VN device, dev/vn/vn.c) to reserve, read, and write the swap.

Thanks! :-)

>     However, I don't see much of a point in doing this.  Not everyone
>     configures swap, so you can't count on it, and a system dump will
>     overwrite swap, so you would have to mess around with that as well
>     and I can tell you it just isn't worth the effort.  Maintaining an entropy
>     file in /var/db has no downside at all and is a whole lot easier
>     to manage.

There is the problem that for each setup, there are many admins who
will have a non-writable filesapce for at least one of (/ /var /boot /etc).

Sure, there may not be a $PRIMARYSWAP, but if there is, it is IMO the best
place to put stashed entropy.

>     This /dev/random stuff is a little wild -- I think the premis is sound,
>     but you really need to look towards implementing more straightforward
>     solutions rather then hacking up unrelated parts of the system.  Forget
>     doing special magic in the kernel.  Forget using swap.  Forget having
>     ridiculously huge entropy files.  Simplify it and everyone will be a whole
>     lot happier.

:-) I'd like your suggestion a lot more if you supplied some more concrete
hints. I like KISS, and current evolution is looking a little wierd. I'd
enjoy seeing a true/beautiful/simple solution - patches welcome. :-)

Mark Murray
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