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> Eventually yes, but not this way. According to Bruce sys/types is a
> prerequisite for sys/wait.

This is currently true, but should be fixed this year (probably not
this month -- it depends on how much energy I have).

Draft 4 (draft 5 isn't out yet) of POSIX.1-200x says the following
(p. 411, ll. 13759 et seq):

        The id_t and pid_t types shall be defined as described in
[begin XSI]
        The siginfo_t type shall be defined as described in
        The rusage structure shall be defined as described in
        Inclusion of the <sys/wait.h> header may also make visible all
        symbols from <signal.h> and <sys/resource.h>.
[end XSI]

So, <sys/types.h> is not a prerequisite for 1003.1-200x's
<sys/wait.h>.  For the XSI extension, implementors are given special
license for certain XSI-required data types (which, being structures,
are somewhat impractical to define in the usual way); in a pure-POSIX
environment <sys/types.h> is not permitted.  According to the revision
history (p. 412), this is a requirement carried over from SUSv2 and
dates back to XPG4v2.


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