This has been discussed here before, but I just got my mainboard and
wanted totry this out. The BIOS RAID does not work for me either - no
surprise here. So I was trying to use vinum, but disklabel gives me
different information than fdisk does. According to the disklabel command,
my harddrives are not partitioned at all. This is strange. Can anybody
shed some light on this? As far as I know, vinum needs the disklabel
assigned to work, so I am stuck. I there a way to override this?

I currently have the FreeBSD installed on an old 2GB drive, and wantto use
the two 40 GB drives on the ata-100 bus to store /usr on.

One last loosely related thing: Does FreeBSD currently support booting off
a sofware RAID. I think linux does, but I am trying to avoid that OS.

Thanks to anybody who can help.

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