Akinori MUSHA writes:
 > At Fri, 03 Nov 2000 02:02:50 +0900,
 > I wrote:
 > > I'm 100% sure this change caused the panic because the stack trace
 > > showed it panicked at vfinddev() called from linux_ustat().
 > D'uh, I lied!  Actually `ls /compat/linux/dev' panics at: vfinddev()
 > <-- addaliasu() <-- ufs_vinit().  Seems I was 100% confused looking
 > alternatively at source and ddb console.
 > Sorry for the false report, but I'm repoting the truth this time. ;)
 > Anyway, I think you can reproduce the panic by installing vmware2 port
 > and doing `ls /compat/linux/dev'.

To clarify -- this is the native /bin/ls and NOT /compat/linux/bin/ls?

I don't suppose you could throw an older kernel on and show the output 
of /bin/ls /compat/linux/dev ?


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