jes. Thats what I was seeing.
Bug or feature of what part?
Could the executor be enhanced to avoid this behaviour.
(Why is "file" smarter than the executor)?
Does the executor rely on assumtions whereas "file" just compare bytes?

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> Von:  Mike Smith [SMTP:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Gesendet am:  Freitag, 3. November 2000 12:57
> An:   Reifenberger Michael
> Betreff:      Re: unwanteed halt & powerdown under -current (linuxerator?) 
> > Hi,
> > >> Hi,
> > >> executing /compat/linux/bin/rpm issues a halt and powerdown under -current
> > >> an my TECRA8000.
> > >> Is it just me?
> > >
> > >No.  You don't have the Linux module loaded.  There's a Linux system call 
> > >which (alarmingly) maps to shutdown-and-poweroff if run as a FreeBSD 
> > >binary.
> > Not really. See my previous mail.
> > It seems that a SYSV4 Syscall maps to the evil call.
> Unless you had the SVR4 module loaded, it would still have been run as a 
> FreeBSD binary, which would give you exactly the same behaviour.
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