After the recent introduction of cardbus support into -current, I
decided to upgrade my laptop.  At first glance, the system seemed
to support a Xircom "Real Port" 10/100/56K modem card with the
dc driver.  The funny thing though is that, although I can initiate
IP or TCP connections to remote hosts, the system seems to drop
all incoming connections.  This even applies to ICMP traffic.
For instance, a 4.1-stable machine can not ping my laptop, but
the laptop can ping/telnet/ftp to the 4.1-stable machine.  Looking
at tcpdump traces on the laptop, it appears that the ICMP echo
request is received correctly, but the system never responds.
I'm not running IPSEC or ipfw, and all of the sysctls that seem
to be related to filtering or rate limiting incoming packets look
normal.  I'm running -current as of a few hours ago, but this
has been broken for me for at least a week in -current.


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