In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> "Justin T. Gibbs" writes:
: After the recent introduction of cardbus support into -current, I
: decided to upgrade my laptop.  At first glance, the system seemed
: to support a Xircom "Real Port" 10/100/56K modem card with the
: dc driver.  The funny thing though is that, although I can initiate
: IP or TCP connections to remote hosts, the system seems to drop
: all incoming connections.  This even applies to ICMP traffic.
: For instance, a 4.1-stable machine can not ping my laptop, but
: the laptop can ping/telnet/ftp to the 4.1-stable machine.  Looking
: at tcpdump traces on the laptop, it appears that the ICMP echo
: request is received correctly, but the system never responds.
: I'm not running IPSEC or ipfw, and all of the sysctls that seem
: to be related to filtering or rate limiting incoming packets look
: normal.  I'm running -current as of a few hours ago, but this
: has been broken for me for at least a week in -current.

tcpdump on the laptop sees the packet?  That's very odd.  I was using
this same card, sans the modem on my laptop for a while earlier in the
week and it was fine.  I didn't try the ping it from a remote
location, however.  I'll have to try that tonight.


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