My machines get their source code from a local CVS mirror of the
FreeBSD source tree, which is at /home/cvs/freebsd/src.. we have
our own CVSROOT stuff of course.

So when stuff is checked out of the freebsd/* repostitories, the
$FreeBSD$ tags don't get substituted correctly.

This causes mergemaster to list a zillion files as having differences
in only this string every upgrade.. even worse, mergemaster in some
cases seems to be comparing only the $FreeBSD$ strings and incorrectly
concluding that certain files don't need upgrading, when in fact they do.

So.. what stuff in /home/cvs/CVSROOT can I change so that sources
in freebsd/* get $FreeBSD$ substitution, but other sources get the
normal $Id$ substitution? Surely someone has solved this already.. ?


Archie Cobbs     *     Packet Design     *

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