Archie Cobbs wrote:
> My machines get their source code from a local CVS mirror of the
> FreeBSD source tree, which is at /home/cvs/freebsd/src.. we have
> our own CVSROOT stuff of course.

        Just so I understand, you don't have a mirror of the freebsd CVS repo
itself, you have your own repo with the freebsd files in it? If it's the
former, you definitely shouldn't be having this problem, as I use a
local mirror of the freebsd repo to generate all my source, both at home
and work. If it's the latter, you could try adding the magic that was
suggested previously to get your local repo to expand the $FreeBSD$
> This causes mergemaster to list a zillion files as having differences
> in only this string every upgrade.. even worse, mergemaster in some
> cases seems to be comparing only the $FreeBSD$ strings and incorrectly
> concluding that certain files don't need upgrading, when in fact they do.

        mm uses two methods to determine whether a file needs updating. It
first checks the CVS Id tag to see if it's the same. If it's not, then
it does a straight diff of the two files. Up till 11/1 it did 'grep
"[$]FreeBSD:' to find the string for FreeBSD, now it does 'ident
filename' instead. You might try that new version and see if it works
better for you. 

        You could also try using 'mergemaster -s', or put STRICT=yes in your
.mergemasterrc file. This causes mm to skip the ident test and always do
a strict comparison of each file. 

        Beyond that, it may turn out that mm just isn't going to work for you.
There are only so many ways I can do the comparison that will work for
the majority of users without needing excessive gymnastics. 

Good luck,

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