Point taken, however; does it not allowe the services to be configured by such things 
as ip, and time period
and offer yet better activity logging? With the approriate firewall setup the added 
layers are worth the

Well enough b/w wasted on this for now.


Neil Blakey-Milner wrote:

> On Wed 2000-11-08 (09:30), Mikel wrote:
> > I've had been considering running xinted for some time now, and thanks to
> > Forest's suggestions I've been able to successfully get it up and running
> > smoothly. I am personnaly left wondering why not just replact inetd altogether
> > with this version? It certainly enhances security a bit.
> How does it enhance security?
> My main concern:
> (nbm@scythe) /usr/src/usr.sbin/inetd> find . -type f -name "*.c" | xargs wc -l | 
>grep total
>     2933 total
> vs:
> (nbm@scythe) /home/nbm/security/xinetd-> find . -type f -name "*.c" | 
>xargs wc -l | grep total
>    23149 total
> Neil
> --
> Neil Blakey-Milner

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