> > (I can't remember how, but the EISA BIOS knew not to treat these as
> > EISA cards).
> Because the EISA Config Util. saves the config to the system NVRAM which
> the EISA BIOS reads to get the configuration.

Yes, that was how, thanks for jogging my memory...

> Using the EISA BIOS stuff might be the way to go.  I'm really pissed that
> I've never been able to get the resource stuff to work correctly as that
> would make the EISA subsystem in FreeBSD more or less like the PCI/ISAPNP
> subsystem.  (In the sense that drivers wouldn't have to query the card for
> resources.)
> How do we use the EISA BIOS on an Alpha or an SGI though?

There was a documented way to do this on the Alpha, but it turns
out that it wasn't necessary, since it didn't have the failings
of the PC architecture.

At one (gross) time in history, Alphas included an x86 emulator
in ROM to facilitate this (and other BIOS POST initialization stuff,

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