> >The EISA code currently doesn't reserve resources for empty slots.
> >
> >I'd like to make the bus driver reserve all EISA specific address space
> >though.
> This would prevent an ISA card that just happens to use an EISA
> like identification scheme from attaching after EISA.  Unfortunately,
> the 2842VL card does this.

There are a huge number of VESA Localbus cards that identify as
EISA cards, including having all the EISA device identifier stuff
in tehir ROMs.  The disk controllers are the worst, but I have
seen at least two video boards that do the same thing.

Though I'd like to deprecate VESA Localbus as an abomination, I
guess it has to be supported.

Maybe it would be possible to have a separate "VLBus" bus that
went in before the EISA bus?

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