Savecore isn't working in -current, dying in my case with "read:
invalid argument".  (This is on an Alpha -- I don't have an i386
-current machine to test it on at the moment.)  I traced it down to
the fact that getbootfile() is returning "kernel" -- not the full
pathname as the man page promises.  This seems to be because the
"kern.bootfile" sysctl variable isn't getting set correctly:

    alpha# sysctl kern.bootfile
    kern.bootfile: kernel

Because I had an old "/kernel" file and savecore runs in "/", it was
finding the wrong kernel.

This seems to be some sort of coordination problem between the loader
and the kernel and, maybe, the Alpha SRM.  Can anybody shed some light
on it?

Also, in "src/sys/boot/common/boot.c" we still have this:

    static const char *default_bootfiles = "kernel.ko";

which isn't right any more.


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