Well, things are more broken than I thought.

The -current loader for alpha is passing "kernel"
in the bootinfo structure- not the full pathname.
Loader bug.

What's amusing is that kenv does see a full pathname.

So, now why did the lines below fail to see the pathname?

Hmmm.. ponders....


> > Something actually was changed at some point perhaps?
> > On i386, kernelname is dug out of bootinfo and copied
> > (in assembler).
> > 
> > On alpha:
> > 
> >         p = getenv("kernelname");
> >         if (p)
> >                 strncpy(kernelname, p, sizeof(kernelname) - 1);
> >  
> > 
> > Did the loader used to set kernelname as an environment variable?
> It should still do it. (The forth code handles this)  My only Alpha is 
> running -stable, and $kernelname is set correctly there (see the output 
> of 'kenv').

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