It seems Boris Popov wrote:
> On Thu, 16 Nov 2000, Soren Schmidt wrote:
> > > After last cvsup my machine (Dual PIII, SMP kernel) is freezing again in
> > > 10 min after boot...
> > 
> > You mean "is still freezing" right ?
> > 
> > Current has been like this for longer than I care to think about, it
> > seems those in charge doesn't take these problems seriously (enough)...
>       I think info about where/how it freezing would be more helpful.

No idea, the system just freezes, no drob to DDB no remote gdb no
nothing, so its really hard to tell where...
As to how, just boot current on a fairly fast machine, make a kernel
and it'll hang in minutes if not less, or just leave it alone and 
it will hang in 10-30 mins...


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