> > For the record: If anyone wants labpc tested and kept up to date send
> > me a card and I'll test it at each stable release cycle.  Even better,
> > also send me the register compatible DAQCARD 1200 PC card version.
> > 
> > My former client using a batch of those cards obviously
> > isn't staying up to date on the OS.  Anyone who upgrades a working
> > system will be just as upset if it doesn't work as if it is gone
> > so I defer on the axe discussion.
> I gather you aren't in a position to test using your former client's 
> cards.. ("former" is a bit of a clue I guess). What are the chances that
> he may decide one day to upgrade? (e.g. to support a new PC)

We aren't enemies, and they will probably be clients again.  I
could test things down their on my own dime but it would be too
big a dime. I'd be better off buying a board on my own but I'm not
going to.

These are manufacturing test stands for medical equipment that have
been "validated" in their limited environment.  They have identical
spare computers, will install 3.4, and set them up and test the
test stands following a formal step by step procedure.  They don't
need me to help them and they probably won't upgrade for the life
of the current product unless they needed to change production

Unlike many projects, this sort is extremely close-ended.  One of
the things we do during release is to make sure every feature is
specified and has a test, and I happily go through and rip out
those features without that.  That's why it is hard for me to argue
with Poul.


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