On Sun, Nov 19, 2000 at 10:44:09AM -0600, Mark R Grant wrote:
> David O'Brien wrote:

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> Following my interpretation of the instructions in the make.conf file, the
> CFLAGS line is commented out.
> I am running version 4.1.1-RELEASE, trying to upgrade to -CURRENT using the
> 'RELENG_4' tag.  Last cvsup was Nov 18, 2300 GMT

One cannot "upgrade"[*] to -CURRENT using he "RELENG_4" tag.  The
"RELENG_4" is the 4.x code base.  To get -CURRENT source one would use no
tag.  RELENG_4 is very buildable right now, so something is weird on your
end.  You'll [again] need to give more _details_.

    1. I checked out the source using ``cd /usr ; cvs co src''
    2. I then made sure the /usr/obj/ directory existed.
    3. I then did ``cd /usr/src ; make world''.

[*] "upgrading" to -CURRENT really doesn't mean anything as it isn't a
release and for your use it may easily be a "downgrade".  You should
examine your reasons for wanting to run -CURRENT.

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